Geographical structure of Mersin

The Mersin Province is surrounded by five cities and one sea: Adana to the east, Antalya to the west, Konya, Karaman, Nigde to the north and Mediterranean to the south.

The province which surface area of it is 15,853 km2, 49.5% of its land is forested. There are 321 km of coastline on the Mediterranean coast of the province.

The north of city is surrounded by Middle Taurus Mountain; Medetsiz Hill of Bolkar Mountain is the highest hill of the province.
Tarsus and a portion of Mersin which are the continuation of Cukurova are the largest plains of the province.

The plains which are except Silifke and Anamur get narrow to the west. The main rivers of the province are Berdan, Efrenk, Goksu, Anamur, Lamas rivers and streams.

Mersin Map