Grand Mosque

New Mosque which was built by the community under the leadership of Saydali Abdul Qadir Seydavi in Old Customs Square (now Grand Mosque) in 1898, in the time of the Sultan Abdulhamid II, was demolished; a large and modern Grand Mosque was built in the place of it.

Mosque has three floors. There are worship area of 2000 persons, and last community area in the ground floor. In addition to this, the mosque which has conference hall of 400 persons in the ground floor, profiled and carved wood furniture is used with Ceramic glaze of Kutahya with rumi and hatai (Stylized Flowers) which is applied to this mosque for the first time in the inner surface of it, rumi-patterned, colored spatula relief is applied in the ceiling of entrance of worship space. Niche is a mixture of tile and wood.
It is made of plaster with Mukarnas; the surface of its upper portal is covered with gold relief. It has two minarets with two balconies.

Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar which is established next to Grand Mosque has two floors.
There are distinguished jewelers and distinguished shopping stores in Great Bazaar.
In addition, Grand Bazaar which is successful works of the Republic also with its architect is one of the must-see places in Mersin.
You can live pleasant memories by feeding wild pigeons which are exactly in the middle of Grand Bazaar, are in Grand Bazaar for many years, and are not afraid of people.

Mersin Grand Mosque