Free Zone

Mersin Free Zone which has the first and the largest trade volume of Turkey also is a proof how much Mersin is a large commercial center. Trade volume of the Mersin Free zone can be much more and will be than today's numbers.

The region is becoming attractive more and more for foreign investors. Business tourism also keeps up to date in our region thanks to both foreign investors who are incoming and outgoing to the region, and business people who are incoming and outgoing to the region.

Free Zones are selected areas where export-oriented activity is shown, regulations and restrictions that are required for Foreign Trade Regime are partially and completely excluded from the application in a country.

In this sense, establishment of Free Zone was applied in some areas with the Republic in our country, but it was not permanent.
Mersin Free Zone is the first of today's free trade zones. Free zone which became legally operational in January 3, 1987, has area of 786.000 m2. Directorate of Free Zones does duty with MESBAS operator organization (Mersin Free Zone Corporation) in the free zone. Customs, Customs Enforcement and Local Police are located in the area of zone.

The number of active users is 668 in Mersin Free Zone. 536 of users is local, 132 of users are foreign. 4,250 people are presently working in the zone. Mersin Free Zone has its own port with three embankments.