Mersin Historical

Many layers were uncovered in the excavations which were made in Yumuktepe mound that is in the north of the city. The oldest of them was dated to BC 6300, and the newest of them was dated to the Seljuk Period. Artifacts, which were uncovered from the excavations, have been exhibiting in Adana Archaeological Museum and Mersin

Museum. Appearance of Mersin on the history stage falls mid-19th century. The region which is a village yet in this time, hosts to a nomadic Turkmen tribe, and also takes its name from this tribe. The development of cotton production in Cukurova in order to address the world shortage of cotton especially during the civil war in America, and connection of the region to the railway network in 1866 are changing the fate of Mersin. During this period, Mersin is becoming rapidly a port and trading center which agricultural products of Cukurova are exported.

Even if they are a very small minority presently, the importance of Christian Levantines can not be denied on the coming of the city to its current position.

Yumuktepe Mound